Caroline Tee
18 years teaching experience Caroline Tee has worked in the health industry since 2002 when she began teaching at Bermuda Bodyworks as a Pilates instructor. She gained her Authentic Pilates certification in 2004 through New York Pilates Studio. In 2009 she developed her intuitive skills under the guidance of renowned  Psychic and Tarot card reader Jane Wallace and continues to read peoples cards and has thus incorporated the crystals' healing powers into her Reiki practice.... [Read More]

Noellie Lorentz-Redfern
8 years teaching experience Noellie is a fun, vivacious teacher who enjoys the contemporary style of teaching Pilates. Noellie has worked in the Pilates field for 8 years and has grown to love this form of movement. Noellie specializes in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and is a specialist in Pilates for pelvis floor dysfunction and also a specialist in Diastasis Recti recovery. Noellie's enthusiasm for Pilates shines through and her exploration of Pilates moves help her clients benefit in every class. Noellie is certified with The Pilates Method through Physical Mind Institute in 2011 and furthered her certifications in 2013 as well as became PMA certified in 2014. Noellie completed a Progressing Ballet Technique with Robyn Segel Shifren on 27th August 2018 in Junior, Senior and Advanced Programs...... [Read More]

Mary Emeline Lavender
joins Horizon Health as a Peak Pilates classical certified instructor. Emeline, as she is liked to be called, has been teaching Pilates for 6 years. Prior to Pilates Emeline was a professional dancer for over 20 years, her passion for movement included Egyptian style belly dance and other folk dances. Emeline lived in Egypt for 10 years prior to arriving in Bermuda where she was a Zumba fitness instructor and organized women’s empowerment and charity events. During that time she found her love for Pilates and shifted her career to become a full time Pilates instructor. Emeline’s expertise is with her detailed teaching technique and passion for perfection. Emeline works with the classical hard-core fitness guru as well as injured clients looking to regain alignment and strength through the power of Pilates. Emeline strives to take clients deeper into thier bodies, and into movement they didn’t even know they could do. Come to work with Emeline to connect and lengthen. In her spare time Emeline enjoys chatting with friends and practicing Reiki.

Angela (Dileri) Vaticano
Angela Vaticano is a conscientious mover with a background in yoga and myofascial release certifications. Dileri, as she likes to be named joins Horizon Health studio with her Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates. Dileri works well with injured clients, clients who are having pain in any area of the body, or post physical therapy clients. The Polestar Pilates certification is anatomy based therefore it is the best choice for clients to regain strength and stability through Pilates who come to us with physical complications. Dileri is a classical style teacher with an array of movement knowledge to keep classes fresh. She creates correct movement patterns on all planes. Dileri previously worked and lived in Malaysia and is originally from Italy. In her spare time Dileri enjoys meditation, cooking food, taking long walks and hiking.

Melanie Hervey
Melanie Hervey joined Horizon Health team as a classical instructor. Before arriving in Bermuda Melanie taught in New York at various studios such as Equinox, The Space and New York Pilates SoHo. Melanie was originally certified at Erika Bloom in 2017. Melanie focuses on pilates movement through aligning your body and creating exciting classes with effective movement patterns. Melanie likes to move and her classes reflect that with variety using the pilates classical principles - flow, concentration, control, breathing, centering and precision.
Prior to Pilates Melanie studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and was certified in Trigger Point Therapy- myofascial compression techniques.
In Melanie’s spare time she enjoys sailing, horseback riding, dancing, running, paddle boarding, tennis, hiking, puzzles, beach activities, eating cheese, relaxing and is a dog lover at heart.

Tracey (Teri) Goodyear
Certified in pilates for 10 years. Teri joined the Horizon Health team as an experienced Pilates instructor having taught in the movement industry for over 17 years. Teri is certified with Stott Pilates since 2012 and her teaching skills are both in rehabilitation and fitness. Before coming to Bermuda to work with Horizon Health studio Teri taught at KX Life private club in London and ESPH Elizabeth Sharp Physio-therapists, Harley Street, London as a pilates instructor. Teri is certified in all forms of movement yoga, Barre, personal training and pilates. Teri has travelled all over the world extensively from Hawaii to Thailand teaching and experiencing different cultures. When Teri is not teaching pilates she enjoys hanging out with friends and eating Thai food or anything spicy. 

Kirsti Whitlocke
Kirsti Whitlocke 12 years teaching experience-
Kirsti joins Horizon Health team as an experienced pilates instructor. Kirsti was certified in Pilates with Pilates Institute UK and has been actively teaching clients for 12 years. Kirsti’s style of instruction is both classical and contemporary Pilates and applies whatever is needed for the client’s benefit. Kirsti’s certification was contemporary but her exploration for finding exciting moves to help clients find their core strength has lead her to become both classical and contemporary as a teacher. With Kirsti’s background in performance she often transfers her knowledge of rehabilitation aspects of movement to her clients sessions when needed.
Kirsti enjoys long walks and hanging out at the beach in her spare time and was an Opera singer in her previous career!