"I cycle my bike competitively on the weekends and after 6 months of Pilates at Horizon Health twice a week I am now not having back pain issues, have a stronger core and I'm also placing on the podium in races!"

Horizon Health client of 1 year,

"I wasn't able to lie my head down flat in my bed. After 3 months of Pilates 3 times a week at Horizon Health my posture is now corrected and I am able to easily lower my head without pillow support"

Horizon Health client of 2 years,

"I danced my way through childhood and have continued to exercise consistently ever since.  However, I was only introduced to the CHEK method by Caroline Tee about a year ago.  For someone who has tried everything from aerobics and weight training to pilates and yoga, I was interested to try something new but did not think that it would have any particular impact; but I was so wrong.  With quite simple but very different movements combined with eating according to your own metabolic type, I feel fitter but also calmer and more balanced than I think I ever have.  For someone who is not overweight and had good numbers anyway, I was also very pleasantly surprised to learn at my last physical that my weight, blood pressure and resting heart rate had all dropped significantly.  And the best part is that I have never once felt like I am dieting or on some crazy excersise kick – everything just feels balanced and easy.  I am stronger but leaner, energized but relaxed and satisfied by food without any cravings.  This is something that I will be able to continue indefinitely and that makes me very happy."

Helen C. Adderley,

"After going through three doctors, two physiotherapists, numerous MRI and X-ray scans and almost ten years of pain, my constant back and hip pain were getting me down. I decided it was time to get my health back in order so I sought out Caroline (Horizon Health), a good friend and someone I knew was full of good spirit. Caroline’s energy, encouragement and holistic approach have not only changed the way I eat but also the way I feel about myself. Having advised me to use the CHEK workout techniques, Caroline is helping me to strengthen my back, my hip and re-align my body (who ever knew my left leg was an inch longer than my right!) Although I am still working on it, I have definitely noticed a beneficial difference and those doctor’s appointments have been cancelled!"

Keely Belvin,