Private Reformer classes:

Horizon Health instructors focus one on one with the client on the reformer and all other apparatus. Our attention to detail with each client's body is why you get maximum results in our studio when you work with us on the reformer in the private classes.

Recovery Pilates:

Horizon Health now offers to injured clients working hand in hand with OPA (Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy Associates) 'recovery Pilates'. For clients that have injuries or are recovering after operation/physio care this form of Pilates is very effective with recovering your body back to 100% functioning. Pilates is a gravity reduced form of movement so the low resistance combined with the circulation is a non invasive way of helping the process of healing. With the right instructors you will receive the proper care and instruction to aid in your healing process. Horizon Health is now a registered company with the Health Council in Bermuda and are the only company offering this great service.

Duet Reformer classes:

This is advised to work well with couples wanting to work together in their classes. The classes are performed on the apparatus and is an economical approach whilst still getting the teacher's expertise.

Trio Reformer classes:

These classes have 3 individuals in them and we advise you to come with friends for this style of teaching to synchronize your schedules. Trio classes are the most economical choice whilst still getting reformer results with our instructors.

Private Training:

Horizon Health offers C.H.E.K. training method which is Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology. We measure your posture first and ask lifestyle and nutrition questionnaires. From there we create a personalized program specifically based on what your body needs to strengthen and stretch your way to looking and feeling better and getting you out of stiffness and/or pain where necessary.

Group Classes

Group Circuit PilatesCircuit Pilates is a series of pilates apparatus in a circuit station loop format. Specific exercises are done with up to 8 people in a continuous flow for a 50 minute class. Each station is demonstrated at the beginning of the class to give safety tips and show you how to perform the exercise correctly. You move station to station throughout the class.  This class is intermediate.


Group BarreFunky Barre
Funky Barre is based on Booty Barre techniques which is a safe form of barre moves as they were designed by a Pilates instructor. This class is fun and for all levels and abilities.



Pilates Mat Classes:
Pilates Mat class is for all levels. We work the minor Pilates muscles throughout the 55minute class. We use props and the Pilates principles to focus on strengthening through mat moves.