How are you managing your stress levels?

The challenges that women face at work are helpful in the fact they make us looks for ways to recognize how to improve our life. Stress is on the top of many peoples list of challenges at work. Everyoen has different levels of capacity to handle stress. Some females' "Stress buckets", shall we call them,…
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Posture Assessment helps with body function

If you're looking for a great way to transition into an exercise class, a Barre class might be a great way to get started. At Horizon Health, one of the newest health centres to open up on the island, they have started a 50+ Barre class to provide a less intense but still effective introduction…
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My Ultimate ambition is to be a Tai Chi master

Caroline Tee is the owner of the newly opened Horizon Health, a health centre offering everything under one roof.  Horzon has a fitness facility, and Bermuda's first organic café. Caroline focuses on functional training. She said: " It means we teach you to movement to reach weight loss or muscle gain using no machines. Click…
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