6 years teaching experience Noellie is a fun, vivacious teacher who enjoys the contemporary style of teaching Pilates. Noellie has worked in the Pilates field for 6 years and has grown to love this form of movement. Noellie specializes in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and is a specialist in Pilates for pelvis floor dysfunction and also a specialist in Diastasis Recti recovery. Noellie's enthusiasm for Pilates shines through and her exploration of Pilates moves help her clients benefit in every class. Noellie is certified with The Pilates Method through Physical Mind Institute in 2011 and furthered her certifications in 2013 as well as became PMA certified in 2014. Noellie completed a Progressing Ballet Technique with Robyn Segel Shifren on 27th August 2018 in Junior, Senior and Advanced Programs.

Noellie enjoys continuing her further education in the Pilates field and since her original certification she enjoys keeping her style of teaching fresh and enlivened. In 2001 Noellie became Booty Barre certified which is a form of Barre that is derived from Pilates knowledge. She offers this class every Saturday at 9am. In 2017 Noellie went on a training course for scoliosis and deepened her knowledge and understanding of issues with the body related to spinal scoliosis. In 2018 Noellie completed a pre and post natal certification and now specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and also is a specialist with Diastasis Recti recovery with The Center for Women's Fitness, Chicago with Carolyne Anthony. In Noellie's spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying different foods and fashion.

Noellie completed a course focusing on osteoporosis and how to improve one's skeleton as well as prevent the onset of bone deterioration in February 2019.